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Apple’s New Standalone Apps for Windows: A New Era

Apple Music Preview

Apple has officially released its trio of applications – Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices – for Windows after a prolonged testing phase, marking the cessation of the iTunes app on certain PCs. These applications represent Apple’s initiative to decompose iTunes into individual apps on Windows, mimicking the separation seen on Mac computers. Windows 10 and subsequent versions now support the download of these distinct apps, enabling users to manage their devices and enjoy Apple Music and Apple TV content seamlessly.

Journey from iTunes to Standalone Apps

The transition from iTunes to standalone applications was first unveiled by Microsoft in October 2022, indicating a strategic shift that had been in development for over a year. Initially launched in a preview stage in January 2023, Apple has since provided consistent updates to these apps. As of the latest update, the “Preview” status has been lifted from all three apps on Windows.

Features and Functionality

The Apple Music app offers Windows users the capability to listen to and organize music from their iTunes library, including purchases from the iTunes Store. Similarly, the Apple TV app grants access to a vast array of movies and TV shows, including content from Apple TV+. Furthermore, the Apple Devices app facilitates PC users in updating, backing up, restoring, and syncing content for their iPhones and iPads.

Requirements and Transition

To utilize these standalone apps, users must have Windows 10 or a later version installed on their PCs. Installing all three apps is necessary to transition away from iTunes completely. Post-installation, iTunes will only be required for accessing podcasts and audiobooks. It is crucial not to delete the iTunes library since it remains integral to the functioning of the Apple Music and Apple TV apps.

Legacy Users and the Modern Experience

For users unable to upgrade to Windows 10, iTunes remains available. However, the new standalone applications provide a significantly more contemporary and user-friendly interface, closely aligning with the Mac experience.


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