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Meze Empyrean II Headphones: Review Round-Up

Here is a round-up from my favorite audio reviewers to give you all the details on the new Meze Empyrean II headphones.
Meze Empyrean II

Renowned for their quality headphones at many price points, Meze Audio announced and released the Meze Empyrean II headphones a couple days ago. The original Meze Empyrean headphones held a special place in the hearts of many audiophiles, so will the follow up do the same? Here is a round-up from my favorite audio reviewers to give you all the details on the new Meze Empyrean II headphones.

The Meze Empyrean II can be purchased directly from Meze’s store for for $2,999.


Looking at the review from headfonia, reviewer Lieven delves deep into the new pads on the Empyrean II:

The dual pads produce a very rich and nicely bodied sound (in a neutral way) and they are the more dynamic and balanced sounding set of pads to my ears. Vocals blend in better here and I just find the overall resolution with the hybrid pads to be better audible. These are the smoothest and warmest sounding pads of both and they’re also the most musical sounding to me.

The review from Stephen Kostas over at bloom audio goes into detail on the natural tuning of the sound profile:

Empyrean II aims for a higher degree of accuracy in the tuning, delivering a natural timbre, with a lush, organic sound. That lush sound combines with deep, hard hitting bass for a huge sense of body and weight. Within that thickness, there’s still a surprising amount of clarity, and strong detail that doesn’t feel compromised by Empyrean II’s inviting warmth. It’s all rounded off, by a well defined, but still smooth top end, with good fundamentals in the treble, along with a nice sense of air in the upper extension.

Finally, Ricky Kovacs from Moon Audio gives us a nice summation of the Meze Empyrean II:

The Empyrean II is a better headphone in every way. Much more controlled sound across the board that translates to a refined listening experience compared to the original. If the original Empyrean was considered a true-end-game sound back then, then the Empyrean is just [mind-explosion motion]. The Empyrean II shows us what sonic improvements and technological advancements can to to an already stellar-sounding headphone, but such is the case with product generations. In this case the difference is stark – the Empyrean II leans much towards the tuning of the Flagship Elite – with more detail, clarity, transparency in the mids, but has much more refined low-end.


I’d like to leave you with a few video reviews from my favorite and most respected headphones reviewers. The videos are well worth a watch if you are considering the Meze Empyrean II as your next high-end headphone.

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