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Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review: Best Budget Gaming Headset?

Discover the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset’s features, comfort, and audio performance in our detailed review. Compare it with other gaming headsets and explore alternative options.
Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Review

In the competitive world of gaming, having a reliable headset with exceptional sound quality and comfort can make all the difference.

The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset has been garnering attention for its impressive features and attractive price point. In this comprehensive review, I will take a deep dive into the MMX 100’s design and comfort, audio performance, spatial audio capabilities, isolation, and stereo imaging. I’ll also compare it to other popular gaming headsets in its price range to help you determine if the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 truly is the best budget gaming headset for your needs.

Key Specifications

  • Type: Over-ear, closed-back
  • Driver Type: Dynamic, 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 116 dB
  • Weight: Approximately 296g
  • Connection: 3.5mm, single-sided
  • Detachable Cable: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes, detachable

Design & Comfort

In The Box

  • MMX 100 headphones
  • 1.2m 4 pole 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
  • 2m 3.5mm to two 3.5mm split cable for use with a PC
  • Microphone with pop shield
  • Manual

The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset boasts a sturdy and lightweight construction that stays true to the company’s reputation for excellent build quality. The headset features a combination of plastic ear cups and outer headband shell, supported by a metal headband and aluminum yokes. This design choice ensures durability while keeping the weight down to a comfortable 296g.

The MMX 100 keeps its controls simple and easy to use. On the left ear cup, you’ll find a volume dial and a spring-loaded switch for muting the microphone. The detachable boom microphone sits on a flexible cord, making it easy to adjust to the perfect position. As for connectivity, this wired headset comes with two detachable cords: a single TRRS plug for use with gaming consoles and mobile devices, and a split TRS mic/headphone cable for PC use.

When it comes to comfort, the MMX 100 offers memory foam ear pads and headband cushioning wrapped in soft leatherette. The headset provides a secure and snug fit, thanks to its considerable clamping force. However, the shallow ear cups and smaller inner diameter of the pads may cause the drivers to press against the ears for some users, especially those with larger ears. While the MMX 100 remains comfortable for most, it may not be as easy on the ears as some of Beyerdynamic’s other headphones like the DT 770 Pro or MMX 300. For me, the pad size and depth are the biggest issues. While my ears don’t touch the inside of the earcup, they do get considerably close. Worse though, the fake leather ear pads caused my ears to get considerably warm after about 20 minutes of wearing the headphones. That, plus the clamping force, was causing serious discomfort, enough to have to take the headphones off for a bit.


The MMX 100 is a plug-and-play device, with no additional software or customization options available.

The MMX 100 includes a convenient mute switch on the left ear cup, enabling quick muting without the need to fumble with in-line controls. This is especially handy during fast-paced gaming moments when you need to quickly communicate with teammates or mute yourself to avoid distractions.


One of the standout features of the MMX 100’s microphone is its detachable design. This allows for easy removal when not in use, making the headset more versatile for listening to music or watching movies. The microphone is also flexible, allowing you to adjust its position for optimal voice capture and comfort.

The microphone’s plug-and-play compatibility with various gaming platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, adds to its usability. You can easily switch between devices without the need for additional software or drivers, making it a hassle-free choice for gamers who play across multiple platforms.

Microphone Quality

I found the MMX 100’s microphone to be surprisingly clear and detailed during my testing. It captures voice with minimal distortion or background noise, ensuring that your teammates can hear you loud and clear during intense gaming sessions. The microphone’s frequency response is well-suited for voice communication, emphasizing the mid-range frequencies that are essential for speech intelligibility.

While it may not rival the quality of a dedicated studio microphone, the MMX 100’s mic is more than adequate for gaming, streaming, and voice calls. It outperforms many other gaming headset microphones in its price range, providing a competitive edge when communication is crucial.

Sound Quality

When it comes to audio performance, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset truly shines. Its custom-tuned 40mm dynamic drivers deliver exceptional sound quality across a wide frequency range of 5-30,000Hz, ensuring a rich and detailed audio experience.

The MMX 100’s tonal balance is as good as some of Beyerdynamic’s higher-end offerings. It features a present bass response with a mid-to-upper bass emphasis that adds warmth and kick without becoming distracting or invasive. The mids are mostly linear with a slight emphasis in the upper midrange, resulting in a natural and non-fatiguing sound. Treble is well-tempered, providing enough presence to highlight crucial game audio cues while avoiding the harsh peaks found in some other Beyerdynamic models. For gaming and movies, I actually prefer the MMX 100 sound profile to that of the DT 770 Pro. It’s that good.

Soundstage and Imaging

The MMX 100’s soundstage is more intimate compared to Beyerdynamic’s studio headphones like the DT 990 Pro and DT 770 Pro. However, it retains their excellent imaging capabilities, allowing for precise localization of various sound cues within the game’s audio mix. Even without virtual surround enhancements like Dolby Atmos, the MMX 100 conveys a strong sense of directionality and depth, surpassing competitors like the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro and Logitech G Pro in this regard.

This combination of a well-tuned frequency response and accurate spatial representation makes the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 a top choice for both competitive and immersive gaming. It excels in online shooters where pinpointing enemy positions is crucial, while also delivering an engaging experience in open-world titles with its believable sound effects and organic dialogue reproduction.

The closed-back design and faux-leather ear pads provide effective sound isolation, blocking out external noise and preventing game audio from disturbing others nearby. This allows for greater immersion and focus during intense gaming sessions.

Comparison with Similar Headsets

The Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset is a strong contender in the sub-$100 category. While it’s slightly lighter than the MMX 100 at 259g and features an in-line control panel, the Beyerdynamic headset has the advantage of a noise-canceling microphone, a wider frequency response range (5-30,000 Hz vs. 20-20,000 Hz), and a higher sound pressure level of 116 dB/mW compared to the G Pro’s 107 dB/mW.

Another popular choice is the HyperX Cloud III. Although it boasts larger 53mm drivers and comes with both 3.5mm and USB connectivity options, the MMX 100 has a few tricks up its sleeve. It offers a wider frequency response range, lower impedance (32 Ohms vs. 60 Ohms), higher sound pressure level, and a lighter weight of 296g compared to the Cloud III’s 350g. The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 also features a control panel on the device and a longer cable.

Alternative Recommendations

If you’re looking for a headset with similar features to the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 but want to explore other options, consider the following alternatives:

  1. SteelSeries Arctis Nova 1 (check price here): This headset offers a comfortable fit, decent sound quality, and an excellent microphone. It also features a ski-band headband design for a secure fit and a wide, immersive soundstage.
  2. ASTRO A40 TR (check price here): Known for its excellent build quality and customization options, the A40 TR delivers great audio performance and a reliable boom microphone. It’s a solid choice for gamers who prioritize durability and versatility.
  3. Razer BlackShark V2 X (check price here): With its lightweight design, impressive sound quality, and clear microphone, the BlackShark V2 X is a strong contender in the budget gaming headset market. It also features a detachable mic and compatibility with multiple platforms.

While these alternatives offer compelling features, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 still holds its own with its impressive audio quality and thoughtful features like the detachable microphone and on-device controls. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and specific gaming needs, but the MMX 100 remains a strong candidate for the best budget gaming headset.


The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 gaming headset is a strong contender in the sub-$100 category, offering exceptional audio quality and usability. With its well-tuned frequency response, accurate spatial representation, and impressive microphone performance, it caters to the needs of both competitive and immersive gamers.

While there are other compelling options in this price range, the MMX 100’s combination of features, build quality, and audio performance make it a standout choice. The biggest flaw with the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is the comfort, which is really a letdown given how great the headphones sound. That being said, whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious enthusiast, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a high-quality gaming headset that won’t break the bank.

We are not always able to cover all the details of a product, both hardware and software, in our reviews. If you have any specific questions you’d like answered about this product please feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly.

HiFi Oasis Verdict

HiFi Oasis Verdict
7 10 0 1
Total Score
  • Design & Comfort
    5/10 Neutral
  • Sound Quality
    8/10 Very good
  • Features
    7/10 Good


  • Excellent sound profile for games, movies, and music
  • Amazing positional audio performance
  • Above average microphone quality
  • Intimate soundstage perfect for competitive gaming
  • Sturdy and well built


  • Can be very uncomfortable for some heads
  • Ear pads build up heat quickly
  • Mute button and volume rocker feel cheap, wobbly
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