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Qudelix Announces the T71 USB DAC

Qudelix has announced their long awaited Discrete 7.1 Surround USB DAC, called the T71.
Qudelix T71

Qudelix has announced their long awaited Discrete 7.1 Surround USB DAC, called the T71.

You may have heard of Qudelix from their very popular mobile DAC AMP, the Qudelix 5K, which had some stellar reviews.

The development of the T71 was announced way back in November of 2021, and today Qudelix has released all the details for their upcoming USB DAC.

The T71 is a discrete 7.1 surround DAC AMP, meaning it is meant to take and process multi-channel audio from a host device (such as a computer) and deliver it to headphones through either a 3.5mm headphone connection, 2.5mm balanced connection, or 4.4mm balanced connection.

Qudelix T71

The device will be able to output a maximum bitrate of 32bit/384kHz of stereo audio and 32bit/96kHz of 8-channel audio.

The Voltage output of each of the connections is:

  • 7.6VRMS for the 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced connections
  • 3.8VRMS for the 3.5mm headphone connection

Max power output details are still to be determined.

The T71 DAC AMP also includes a built-in, user-serviceable 1000mAh battery, so the T71 can be used with mobile devices (DAPs, smartphones, laptops) without the need to be powered by the device.

In social media posts, Qudelix mentions the T71 is expected to sell for $200 USD.

Qudelix goes into great detail to explain how the surround configuration works on both a hardware level and a software level. I will have the relevant links below for those who care to read the details and will save my own interpretation of it for when I can get my hands on the device and test it myself.

Qudelix T71 accouncement

Qudelix T71 In-Ear Surround explained

Qudelix T71 battery information

For now, I will say that this device really excites me. I can see myself using the T71 in many gaming scenarios as I’m an avid PC gamer, but also with music and movies. I’m a proud owner of a Qudelix 5K and am very happy with the product itself and the support Qudelix has given it over its lifetime.

I will do a depth review and guide as soon as I can get my hands on the T71, so stay tuned!

*UPDATE* July 24, 2023

Pre-orders for the Qudelix T71 are now live, you can pre-order directly from Qudelix’s store.

For the pre-order period, there is a 10% discount. If you have previously purchased the Qudelix 5K, they are offering a $30 refund on the order of the T71 if you can provide proof of purchase.

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